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A new range of elegant and functional office furniture that’s designed for the office of the future. As you will notice, Mahogany Series uses space very efficiently. Space that is so economically essential for businesses. COLOR : MAHOGANY


Optimum productivity with distinctive Classic Appeal. COLOR : ROSEWOOD | ICEBERKE


A showcase of contemporary furniture for work excellence. Professional elegance for now and the future.


Feel the fresh of your new office with Elmar. Classic and good quality of furniture that bring you satisfaction.


Designed for multiple occupation with an emphasis on flexibility, this workstation promotes efficiency and employee interaction. It provides comfortable work space for every employee plus ample storage in the form of mobile pedestals and cabinets. Multiple grommets located on tables for telephone and electrical wires facilitate the sharing of phones and personal computers. All designed to enhance productivity and comfort with a touch of warm elegance.


One of a kind office furniture that you can enjoy the ambiance and good pleasure of surrounding. Organized furniture that you can enjoy your things to keep and space to adds some decorations.


These office furniture design for an executives with convenient drawers and cupboard attached with glass door and wood.